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We pair Biblical training and IT skills with the focused outcome being sustainable employment. We are full time missionaries, the founders and directors of Together Technologies, grassroots mentorship movement for young men under 30 in Cape Town, South Africa. Bridging the digital divide to tackle big issues like extreme poverty and believing in the model of Jesus to go far with a few people at a time.

Who we are

We are De Wet & Marysol. Serving in Cape Town. Parents to Knox, Evangeline and Amina. Read more about our lives on the tip of Africa. - See more at: About us...

What we do

This is Together Technologies, our grassroots ministry. We pair Biblical mentorship with technology training. Read more about our model.

Why we mentor

3 South African pastors. Their perspective. No prompted sound-bytes. Just their opinions. See why South Africa is worth the investment.

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